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Dan Stevens worlds away from ‘Downton’ in trippy ‘Legion’

In the event that Dan Stevens was seeking to get as far removed as is possible from the aristocratic regarding “Downton Abbey, ” he is certainly found it with “Legion. ”

In Marvel’s most recent TV drama, premiering 10 p. m. Wed on FX, the British actor, best known as “Downton” heartthrob Matthew Crawley, has ditched the starched shirts and tails for a far more disheveled look as David Haller, the powerful mutant at the middle of this “X-Men”-inspired tale. Diagnosed in childhood as a schizophrenic, the 30-something David we meet in the “Legion” pilot is complacently surviving in a psychological hospital — until a startling face makes him realize the voices and visions he activities might be real.

“I, surprisingly enough, have a good friend from college or university who was an absolute ‘Legion’ nut and spent almost all of the ’90s collecting [the comic books], ” Dahon, 34, told reporters lately. “He just a new conniption when he noticed I had been doing this and he is an amazing resource… We can tap into it and say, ‘Tell me personally the things i need to know. ‘ Since we kept it pretty obscure, particularly in the pilot. There are details, visual elements that you might recognize from the comics, but we’re in a roundabout way adapting anything from the comic book story.

Not only does “Legion” divert from the Wonder Comics by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, but it looks nothing can beat any superhero series currently. Which largely because it is the brainchild of “Fargo” creator Noah Hawley, who brings an introspective take and an aesthetic style that’s “Wes Anderson-Stanley Kubrick — bright, symmetrical, highly advanced but kind of vintage, ” says co-star Rachel Keller.

The 25-year-old celebrity, who starred in “Fargo” Season 2, followed Hawley to his latest FOREX series, as did Blue jean Smart and much of that crew. Here, Keller plays Syd, a brand new patient at the hospital who becomes David’s girlfriend — despite her strict repulsion to physical touch. It can she who guides David to Melanie Bird (Smart), a therapist whose non-traditional team of specialists open up his eyes to the skills — including telekinesis — he didn’t know he possessed. Also important to David is his friend Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), a fellow psychiatric patient convinced her luck is all about to change despite long term alcohol and drug abuse.

“Syd and Lenny are almost the good and bad angel on David’s shoulder. There is a mischievous, dark quality to Lenny… Aubrey shows that very well, inch Stevens tells The Content. “There’s a deviousness to the plot as soon as she appears. Files is going to get a little crazier. Yet gleam dawning realization which it’s perhaps not quite as clear-cut when this individual thought it was.

That’s a function of the work David commences to do with Melanie — a re-examining of his past to search for answers about the origins of his mutant powers that forms primary of the eight-episode “Legion” first season.

“This sequel is mostly about heading back and discovering David’s memory, ” Keller says. “The characters play functions in that journey for him because which important matter at hand that should be addressed while they’re doing their own self-work.

“So there’s room to develop with all the character types [in future seasons], including Syd. “

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