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We will transplant brains in 3 years

Judging by the enormous progress in medicine in the past few years, it is hard to believe that something is impossible.

Artificial intelligence is diagnosing illness, people with implanted modern prosthetics are practically cyborgs, and great results are also achieved in the field of anti-aging. Despite all this, team of scientists is dealing with undisputable chances of success, to be more exact, the team of Professor Sergio Canavero, director of the group for advanced neuromodulation from Torino.

4 years ago, this neurosurgeon announced his plan to complete the first human head transplant in the world, and in the past week confirmed that this controversial operation will be performed in the next 10 months. According to him, the operation will take place in Harbin, China, with Xiapoing Ren from Harbin Medical University as a head of the surgical team. The patient, opposite from the reports so far, will not be the Russian Valeri Spiridonov, but a Chinese citizen, whose head will be transplanted to a body of a donor.

Canaveros’ plan is, right after this procedure, not later than 2018, to try and reanimate frozen head.

He is planning to remove the brain from the head that is submerged in a liquid nitrogen and then to transplant in a donor body in order to effectively bring the patient back from the dead, and in the process, to try to answer question about human afterlife.

According to him, if the procedure works, we could have the first real testimony about what’s happening after we die.

We have to admit that all this is borderline sci-fi, and the medical community (society too) are very skeptical in the success in this procedures.

Even if it is a success and the brain wakes up, there is no way to predict what kind of complications the patient will endure – from decreased brain activity, to unimaginable mental trauma.

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