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WikiLeaks warns: The TV can spy on you too!

Since WikiLeaks published documents claiming that CIA has a secret hacking program, everybody realized that the cameras and microphones in the modern devices, easily can become spying tool.

According to them, CIA created more than 1000 viruses, trojans and other kind of malware that infiltrates the system and then uses them for espionage. Considering that every smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV, even a car is connected to a network, people are worried about their privacy.

Still, before you start thinking about the worst possible scenario, computer experts say that first and most important that this kind of surveillance programs are not meant to be instruments for massive use.

  • What doesn’t surprise, and at the same time calms us is the fact that these tools are directed towards specific people and devices, in order to compromise the software inside, says Matt Blaze, expert from the University of Pennsylvania.

That means that if you are not a terrorist or threat to the state, there is no chance that you will be on the surveillance list. Still, if this kind of infiltration system does exists, then it is a treat to the security systems of other states.

There is almost no human today that does not use some kind of a modern device. Technology is a huge part of our everyday life, and that is the reason that it makes it so difficult to solve this problem.

The experts advise on this matter, if you are concerned about your privacy and data security, you should take the following steps.

Maybe the most simple way to protect yourself is to be careful how you use the modern devices and to keep them offline when you are not using them, in order to prevent online data transfer. Although sounds familiar, it is very important to regularly update you OS, and in the same time do not open suspicious links.

It is always a good idea to invest in a high quality antivirus program, and in the same time to restrain yourself from all the compromising things that could get you in trouble.

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