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Watch: Texans Heckle CNN Reporter During Flood Coverage

Following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, reporters have flocked to the scenes in Texas to witness the damage and speak with those affected by the storm.

Many of the people being interviewed by reporters have lost everything and are looking at a long road to recovery, but that didn’t stop some Texans from telling CNN what they really thought about the network.

CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny was in the middle of a live segment when a handful of Texans began hurling insults at him.

“CNN is fake news!” one man yelled at Zeleny on Tuesday during CNN’s live coverage in Austin, Texas.

“What about antifa?” another person can be heard yelling.

While unseen by the CNN cameraman, another individual can be heard screaming, “CNN is ISIS!”

Zeleny continued with his coverage of President Donald Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey, but slight interruptions to his cadence reveal he was aware of the remarks coming his way.

Trump regularly labels CNN as “fake news,” which has been proven to be true based on their inability to cover the president fairly.

It’s clear The Clinton News Network has a lot of people who don’t like it in the Lone Star State.

In another recent interview, a Texas man named Joe Kirchens gave CNN a lesson in civility and not exploiting the flood victims for ratings on their network.

“I didn’t care to be on TV, but I just want to tell all y’all reporters and the people here, when you’re here, act like this is y’all’s home,” Kirchens said as the CNN reporter kept the microphone planted in his face.

“You know, have the respect to report like this is y’all’s … this place is gone so we need help,” he said.

Devastation from the storm may be immense, but the willpower and faith of Texans coupled with help from all Americans will restore the area and help those in need.

CNN may not be ISIS, but Texans are letting them know they don’t appreciate fake news.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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