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Watch: Dem Rep So Out of Touch She Insists Hurricane Was a Shooting… We’re Not Joking

In a recent CNN interview regarding relief aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was asked about her voting record on another devastating natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy.

The Texas lawmaker, however, showed how out of touch she was with the issues when she repeatedly confused Hurricane Sandy with the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting, even after hosts corrected her, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Lee, who represents the storm-ravaged Harris County congressional district, was asked by Alisyn Camerota about her voting record on Hurricane Sandy relief, to which the Democrat responded that she did help “Sandy Hook victims.”

“As I said, I voted on legislation to help the Sandy Hook victims,” Lee said.

“Superstorm Sandy,” Camerota interjected, attempting to correct Lee’s mistake.

“Sandy super storm,” Lee responded, but just seconds later, she made the same mistake again.

“The Sandy Hook vote took many times and my vote was for the maximum amount of money,” she said.

“I voted on the main legislation for Sandy Hook funding, and so I think it’s important to focus on what was offensively done and here in Houston…we’re going to be on the offensive in introducing a package to make sure that we have the funding for what we need,” she continued.

Watch the footage of the interview here (Lee’s first misstep begins at around 3:20):

Except for their names and that both incidents occurred in 2012, there’s no reason to confuse a hurricane with a tragic, elementary school shooting that took the lives of 20 children and six teachers. You would think that a lawmaker trying to help her constituents affected by a hurricane would be well-versed in hurricane relief options, including past efforts.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time that Lee showed us just how out-of-touch she was with American history.

In 2014, according to The Washington Times, the Democrat representative claimed during a congressional address that the U.S. Constitution was around 400 years old, which would mean our founding document would have been signed in 1614. Any 8th grade student could likely tell you that the Constitution was actually formally adopted much, much later — specifically in 1787 and went into effect in 1789 — roughly 175 years after Lee claimed it was in existence.

This level of incompetence is unacceptable for someone responsible for legislation and our country’s well-being. A slip-up here and there is an understandable human error, but there are some things you just don’t confuse, especially when you have someone correcting you, as Lee did during the CNN interview.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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