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VP Pence Has Perfect Response When His Security Gets Caught With Local Women

Vice President Mike Pence is well-known for striving to be a fine and upstanding example of a deeply devout Christian, and there is little doubt that he expects the people who work around him to at least attempt to live up to those standards as well.

Thus, it was no surprise to learn that, when several military members of his advance communications team were caught after curfew bringing local women back to their hotel in Panama, those members were removed from their White House duties and reassigned to other tasks within their respective military branches, according to NBC News.

The vice president had not yet left the United States for his trip to Latin America when the incident occurred, in which the service members were spotted on surveillance video bringing women back to their rooms in a secured area without first registering them as guests.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the service members were immediately recalled from Panama before Pence arrived and have since been dismissed from the White House Communications Agency for “confirmed curfew violations.”

“Four active-duty military members assigned to the White House Communications Agency, from the Department of Defense, are under investigation for confirmed violations of curfew requirements while deployed to Panama in advance of the Vice President’s visit August 17th, 2017,” stated Karen Brazell, chief of staff to the White House Military Office, in an email to the Free Beacon.

“All four members were removed from Panama before the vice president arrived and have subsequently been removed from White House Communications Agency duty,” Brazell added. “At this time, no evidence of prostitution exists with any of the removed service members.”

Pence, though doubtless aware of the situation, never made a public to-do abnout the security team’s removal, but he didn’t have to. In the hothouse of Washington insiders, his adherence to traditional values is near-legendary. The White House Military Office would have known immediately that that kind of behavior by the security detail, besides being unprofessional and unsafe, would be unacceptable on moral grounds too.

Pence’s public silence on the subject is the best response he could have.

Our readers no doubt recall the scandal that erupted in 2012 when members of the Secret Service were busted for bringing local prostitutes back to their rooms in Colombia while on an advance detail ahead of then-President Barack Obama’s trip to the Sixth Summit of the Americas.

It would seem that the current White House has no desire to endure a similar type of scandal, and took action immediately to address the violations of the rules.

Mike Pence has set high standards for himself, and it would appear that those standards would apply to the men and women working with him as well.

Hopefully this no-nonsense display of leadership will prevail going forward, and others within and surrounding the White House will strive to meet the example set by Pence.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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