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The Unexpected Happens To Fox News Reporter On Wind-Whipped Texas Beach

One never knows what might happen on live TV, especially when a network personality is standing in the wind-whipped spray of a Texas beach as a hurricane is rolling in.

But this time, it was all good.

Fox News reporter Casey Stegall was in Galveston, Texas, Friday as he outlined the dangers Hurricane Harvey poses to the Texas Gulf Coast.

“The window is closing for people to evacuate,” he said above the rain and wind. “As you can see in conditions like this, if you’re stuck in a traffic jam trying to get out of town, that could be problematic.”

As he began to talk about problems with visibility, a soaked-to-the-skin woman ran in front of the camera, sporting a big smile.

“Have some Galveston beer!” she yelled to Stegall and handed him a six-pack.

“Thank you. That will be nice for after we are done covering this,” he said as he set the beer on the rain-drenched sand.

“There you go. Just friendly people here,” he said, noting that he had seen many residents heading out of town but also many people coming down to the beach to photograph the waves.

Stegall ended up cutting his shot shorter, and perhaps get to the beer sooner, than expected.

“I just want to say, my producer and everyone off camera is telling me that a tornado warning has just been issued for the Galveston area,” he said.

Fox host Harris Faulkner then ended the segment, telling Stegall, “You gotta get out of there.”

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source: Western Journalism

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