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The Trump Effect The Mainstream Media Just Won’t Share

Donald Trump has made many specific changes to the way the U.S. government operates, but the media only want to share the bad news. I want to give you some good news.

Every Monday night I go to a neighborhood Bible study. Occasionally the conversation will transition from the spiritual to the political.

This past Monday, in attendance was a new couple, and it just so happens they have a 30-year-old son who is a member of Seal Team 3.

The conversation drifted from the Sunday sermon to Donald Trump. This week everyone had something to say about the NFL players protesting police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem. During the raging debate, this couple said something that caught my attention much more than any NFL protest.

One of them said, “Our son in Iraq is much safer now that President Trump is in office.”

I probed deeper, asking why so?

They were all too happy to explain:

“The minute Gen. Mattis took over the Department of Defense, our son got safer. Gen. Mattis is allowing our young men to protect themselves in the field through greatly improved rules of engagement.”

“Rules of engagement” is a technical term for the rules a service member must follow when engaging the enemy. It deals with the technical issues governing the on-the-ground communications between units and the setting of short-term tactics and responses.

During the Obama administration the military had repeatedly been upset by the intervention of left-wing Obama political operatives in decision-making usually reserved for military commanders.

Moments after assuming office, President Trump delegated these decisions back to the Pentagon and the on-the-scene commanders to make decisions as they feel the situation warrants.

At the time of the change, liberal activists squawked about how President Trump’s new policy would lead to more civilian casualties and other foreign relations problems. The rules of engagement Obama had put into effect in 2013 required the service members to practically guarantee there would be no civilian casualties when they responded to militant attacks. As a result, militants began using civilians as shields to protect themselves from counterattack.

The Obama policy put American service members into harm’s way because it limited their ability to kill enemy forces.

The smiling faces of these parents have been fixed in my mind all week. While the spoiled rich brats of the NFL are protesting our country, our flag, our traditions and President Trump, I take comfort in the knowledge that his presidency has prevented the needless death of soldiers, sailors and Marines who can respond to our enemies without getting the approval of liberal bureaucrats sitting in Washington, D.C.

Our troops are safer today because Donald Trump as commander in chief has put life-and-death decisions back in the hands of the troops on the front lines.

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source: Western Journalism

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