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Taya Kyle Slams Critics of Melania Trump Wearing High-Heels in Texas

Taya Kyle, the widow of deceased American sniper Chris Kyle, has responded to the criticism faced last week by first lady Melania Trump over a photo that depicted her wearing heels as she stepped onto Air Force One en route to Texas.

Though Melania changed into sneakers awhile aboard the plane, her critics in the media pounced on her anyway, complaining of the purportedly bad optics of her being sighted wearing heels at the start of her and her husband’s trip to flood-ravaged Texas.

Kyle, whose husband’s story was presented in the 2014 biographical thriller “American Sniper,” didn’t care for this petty rhetoric.

“I was actually stunned by it,” she said over the weekend to Fox News host Abby Huntsman. “It took me a second to get my emotions in check. I was almost speechless.”

“I’ve always felt like truth matters, right, and I feel like sometimes in our culture we’re getting into this thing where smoke and mirrors are supposed to matter more, and we should care more about covering up the truth of things than just being who we are,” she continued.

“Donald and Melania Trump have money. That’s OK with me. I just want them to do their jobs … I don’t need smoke and mirrors to make the optics look better. To me, optics says, ‘Come on, at least try to fool the people.’”

Exactly. But because the media care more about empty virtue signaling (or optics) versus meaningful, concrete actions — such as those being taken by Melania and her husband, President Donald Trump, to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey — they still can’t get over the first lady wearing heels.

Listen to Kyle’s full statement below:

And like Kyle also noted, nobody suffering in Texas cares about optics. They care about results.

“What you care about is, do you have a generator?” she said. “Is your dog safe? Are you going to make it through tomorrow?”

Writing last week for The Philadelphia Inquirer, columnist Christine Flowers added her own two cents, noting that the so-called “journalists” who attacked Melania for her choice in footwear “should have known better.”

“This was serious stuff, and anyone who thought that ruminating on Melania Trump’s choice of shoes was appropriate is nothing more than a pathetic rube,” she wrote.

Correct. But sadly, pathetic rubes are a dime a dozen these days in the media.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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