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Dems Reveals New Party Slogan , Get Slammed on Twitter for It


Whenever a conservative hears something from one of the scions of the Democrat Party, they think, “Hmm. Same old idea. Where have I heard that one before?” It’s typically the usual suspects: Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx. You know, the classics. However, a Papa John’s advertisement? …

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Kid Rock Tweets Out First Campaign Message

Kid Rock

When Donald Trump put Michigan in the GOP column in last November’s election, Democrats sat up and took notice. It was the first time that the state had gone blue since 1988, and it signaled a new capacity for the GOP to reach working class voters. Robert James Ritchie — …

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Charlie Gard’s Mom Responded to Trump Tweet


While the liberal media likes to paint President Donald Trump as cold and heartless, on multiple occasion throughout his time in office he has shown that he has a heart and cares deeply about other people — especially children. The latest instance of Trump showing his softer side involves the …

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Actors in Hollywood Are Calling for All-out Civil War


Apparently, calling for Donald Trump’s assassination in Hollywood is so last week — literally. After Johnny Depp’s “joke” last week at the Glastonbury Arts Festival that it may be time for an actor to go all John Wilkes Booth and kill the president, another actor and director has decided he’s …

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Breaking: Bombshell Evidence Points to Comey Perjury


Testimony from former FBI Director James Comey could show that he lied under oath during his Senate hearing on Thursday. During the hearing, Comey said he had a friend leak contents of a memo that contained detailed notes of the director’s private conversation with President Trump. Comey told the Senate …

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