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Police Union Holds Rally in Response to BLM Protest


The left-wing “ BLM ” group seems to think it can bully and intimidate communities — but its members just got a taste of their own medicine. Days ago, the anti-police group staged a protest over a suspect who was shot after an altercation with an officer. That by itself …

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Arizona Legislator Wants To Literally Unmask Violent Protesters


Protesters armed with rocks, bottles and gas canisters attacked police following President Donald Trump’s campaign-style rally last week in Phoenix, Arizona. Video appears to show demonstrators throw canisters at police pic.twitter.com/inNJoCf82V — azcentral (@azcentral) August 23, 2017 But violent protests, often worse than the one in Phoenix, have occurred around …

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Lib Sheriff Declares Antifa Alliance, Tears Down US Flag


The group known as “ antifa ” has been shown to be anti-police and anarchist… and to say that they don’t represent American values is an understatement. Shockingly, however, one sheriff in a left-leaning part of the country just sided with that radical group, and did something that can only …

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Armed Antifa Protesters Crash Funeral For Charlottesville Victim


Heather Heyer died Saturday amid armed protesters and violence, as hatred met hatred on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. On Wednesday, her funeral in Charlottesville was marred by those with the urge to resort to violence. Anti-fascist activists have just shown up outside the theater with baseball bats and purple …

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