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St. Louis Riot Cops Sang 1 Chant That Has Libs in Tears


Following the Friday acquittal of a white, former police officer in the 2011 shooting of a black, suspected drug dealer, the city of St. Louis has been in turmoil with daily mass protests and nightly vandalism against local businesses and police. Anybody who has ever watched video footage of Black …

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Racism Accusation Hurled As Police Crack Down On Fla. Looters


The Miami Police Department told it the way it was when it issued a no-nonsense message to the looters emerging to plunder the city’s shops after Hurricane Irma struck the city. Writer Sarah Jaffe, however, issued a sharp retort to the police via Twitter, linking private property with racism. good …

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Police Union Holds Rally in Response to BLM Protest


The left-wing “ BLM ” group seems to think it can bully and intimidate communities — but its members just got a taste of their own medicine. Days ago, the anti-police group staged a protest over a suspect who was shot after an altercation with an officer. That by itself …

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