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Pentagon Rolls Back Obama Transgender Order


Expect even more liberal hysteria now that that Pentagon has reportedly delayed a controversial order by former President Barack Obama that would have allowed transgender applicants to begin serving in the military this summer. Sources confirmed to the Military Times that the July 1 deadline has been indefinitely delayed “as …

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Watch: US Air Force Conducts “Elephant Walk” Drill


Reportedly in response to growing tensions with North Korea, last month the United States Air Force staged an epic “elephant walk” at one of its bases in Japan. This particular “walk” entailed “taxiing entire squadrons of aircraft in close formation as would be necessary in a short-notice wartime situation” and …

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Veteran ’s Viral Memorial Day Tribute Video Hits Hard


Army veteran Mat Best posted a video that is sure to hit hard for anyone connected with someone who’s served and sacrificed in the U.S. Armed Forces. Mat Best is well known for his military-centric videos and comedic videos. For Memorial Day weekend, he posted a far more serious video …

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ISIS Bombed Same Day as Manchester Attack


On the same day a suicide bomber committed a horrific attack in Manchester , England, American-led military fighters conducted 27 air strikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, the U.K. Daily Express reported. The suicide bombing in the U.K. killed 22 and injured dozens of others, including …

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Vietnam-Era Heroic Sniper Has Some Incredible Exploits


America’s history is full of heroic men and women who risked and sacrificed their lives for their family, their friends and their country. As Memorial Day approaches, it’s worth spending some time remembering at least one of those heroes — Carlos Hathcock — one of the greatest marksmen in history. …

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ISIS Makes Move on Town While World Looks at Manchester


While the world looked on in horror at the carnage and havoc wreaked by a suicide bomber at a concert in Manchester, U.K. that may or may not have been directed by the Islamic State group, militants affiliated with the jihadist organization launched an all-out assault on a city halfway …

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