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William Shatner Melts Snowflakes With 2 Smug Tweets


Formerly a star on the science fiction series “Star Trek,” where he played Capt. James T. Kirk, legendary actor William Shatner, 86, now spends his days triggering social justice warriors and snowflakes on Twitter with his dose of cold, hard truth. The latest round of triggerings began Wednesday morning, when …

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MSNBC Host’s Attack on Trump Backfires


For the past seven months, liberals have been screaming nonstop about how President Donald Trump allegedly colluded with the Russian government to steal the presidential election from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016. As time goes on and there continues to be no evidence to support these ridiculous …

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Arkansas Professor Lights Up College Elite Culture


In a stunning turnabout in this day and age of hateful liberal professors acting like lunatics, a lone professor from the University of Arkansas published a column Sunday calling for his peers to cast aside their ignorant beliefs and stop discriminating against conservative Christians, particularly those who support President Donald …

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Welfare Leech Brags About Taking Government Assistance


A viral clip uploaded to the internet depicting a Brooklyn mother and welfare leech bragging about raping taxpayers of their hard-earned money is a must-see video for any naive liberal who believes unchecked welfare somehow benefits the country. “F*** the government,” the woman, who identified herself as a mother of …

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Obama Still Living Large off the Taxpayer’s Dollar


President Barack Obama has largely stayed out of the spotlight since he ended his two terms in office and turned the White House over to President Donald Trump — who has made it is mission to undo much of Obama’s legacy. While Obama has spoken out against Trump’s moves on …

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Actors in Hollywood Are Calling for All-out Civil War


Apparently, calling for Donald Trump’s assassination in Hollywood is so last week — literally. After Johnny Depp’s “joke” last week at the Glastonbury Arts Festival that it may be time for an actor to go all John Wilkes Booth and kill the president, another actor and director has decided he’s …

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Chris Matthews Denounces Trump – Russia Collusion Theory


Basically since Donald Trump was elected president, there have been constant stories streaming from the mainstream media regarding the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election, as well as Trump’s supposed attempts to interfere in the Trump-Russia FBI investigation. Unfortunately for liberals, former FBI Director James …

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