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Sick Kimmel Video Goes Viral After He Remains Silent on Weinstein


As the fallout surrounding the disgusting allegations against serial sexual abuser, Hollywood producer and Democrat Party financier Harvey Weinstein continue to grow, quite a few prominent liberal politicians, pundits and celebrities have been a bit slow to remark on the disturbing revelation. One of those who remained silent for many …

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Kimmel Tripped Up By A Dose Of Snark From Pat Sajak


After late night entertainer Jimmy Kimmel used his Monday show to attack gun rights and gun owners, conservative game show host Pat Sajak came up with a response that mocked those in Hollywood who take their self-imposed roles of being America’s moral lecturers too seriously. Kimmel, who CNN proclaimed to …

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Fed-Up Steven Seagal Just Declared War on the NFL


One of the most ferocious martial artists in the world just declared war on the NFL and its players who find it acceptable to disrespect our flag and national anthem. During a very candid interview with the U.K. news program “Good Morning Britain” that took place from Russia, actor Steven …

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DACA: Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’


Before I get to DACA, let me mention the slow-motion tragedy of Irma. We send our prayers for the people of Florida. We stand with you in your time of need. Now to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Liberals are so wrong on this one, it’s laughable. President Trump made …

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