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ESPN’s tepid response to Jemele Hill speaks volumes

Whether your political leanings are to the far left, far right, or just about anything in-between, everyone can agree that hypocrisy has no place in the world of journalism. That’s why everyone should be able to agree that ESPN’s gross mishandling of employee Jemele Hill should be condemned. Hill, 41, …

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CNN Reporter Lectured by Texas Flood Victim


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, almost all the media outlets in the United States put people on the ground in the various parts of Texas to see the damage and hear the stories of the horribly destructive storm. These media crews have interviewed people who have lost everything, who …

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Black Pastor Defends Trump Against Media’s Racism Insinuations


To hear the deceitful media tell it, President Donald Trump is an avid racist who’s purposefully been employing bigoted and pro-extremist rhetoric to gin up racial animosity in America — and who is personally responsible for the violent white supremacist rally that happened Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yet anyone with …

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