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Intel Chief Releases Hillary Clinton Bombshell; There’s More…


One of the interesting things about the congressional hearings regarding Russia’s involvement in the presidential election is that other issues have come out about other people. Once again today, hearings continued and this time John Brennan was testifying. He’s the former CIA Director. He had some interesting new information about …

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CNN Begs Readers to Ignore Dem Sex Scandal


CNN Politics editor-at-large Chris Cillizza issued an absurd request to his readers Friday that demonstrated just how far the mainstream media will go to try to control the narrative and push its agenda. In a piece for CNN, Cillizza pleaded with the American people and the media to stop talking …

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Bombshell: Hillary Camp Email Connects to WaPo Hit on Trump


When The Washington Post ran a story Monday claiming that President Donald Trump had leaked classified information about the Islamic State group to Russia, the media lit up like a Christmas tree. “Finally!” an exhausted Salon.com editor no doubt exclaimed to himself through a mouthful of organic pho. “Here’s the …

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Gowdy Suggests Clinton Connections To Justice Department Run Deep


Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., offered praise for embattled former FBI Director James Comey Tuesday night and seconded the comment from Fox News host Martha McCallum that the Clintons’ “entanglements” with the Justice Department run deep. As he discussed Comey’s July 2016 press conference in which he announced Hillary Clinton would …

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Hypocrites: The Top 10 Comey Memes Dems Wish They Had Never Posted


Following President Donald Trump’s surprise termination of James Comey as FBI director, citing his “unfair” treatment of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, among other things, Democrats have rushed to the defense of the embattled, and now former, lawman. If you notice a few Democrats wearing neck braces over the …

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Report: Incriminating Lynch Email Is in Russian Hands


FBI Director James Comey is refusing to answer questions in public about Russian hacking of a document that said then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch would not allow FBI investigators to go “too far” in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server in the run-up to the election last year. The …

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Breaking: FBI ’s Comey Sacked After Letting Hillary Walk

James Comey fbi

President Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, and the real reason why was laid out in a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “The president has accepted the recommendation of the attorney general and the deputy attorney general regarding the dismissal of the director of the Federal …

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