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Breaking: GOP Slams Buddies Comey And Lynch With New Plan


This could be what conservatives have been waiting for. From the time President Donald Trump finished speaking the Oath of Office, the headlines have been announcing allegations about a crime of “Russian collusion” that hasn’t even been established yet. But if House Republicans get their way, the investigative power of …

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Democrats Move to Erase Jefferson from Gala


Although Democrats like to claim they stand for “progress,” a more appropriate descriptor is regress — as their idea of progress usually means destroying what makes this country great and attempting to erase parts of American history they don’t like. In a recent move by Democrats to attempt to forget …

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Trump Supporters Roast Maxine Waters at Town Hall Event


Liberal Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters has become one of the more loud and outspoken opponents of President Donald Trump, repeatedly insistent upon beginning impeachment proceedings against him while failing to provide any sort of legitimate reason why. But all is not entirely well in Waters’ world, as she was …

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Obama Still Living Large off the Taxpayer’s Dollar


President Barack Obama has largely stayed out of the spotlight since he ended his two terms in office and turned the White House over to President Donald Trump — who has made it is mission to undo much of Obama’s legacy. While Obama has spoken out against Trump’s moves on …

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Pelosi Becomes The Focus Of Democrats’ Wrath


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was the focus of Democratic ire Wednesday after Georgia voters — deluged by ads linking Pelosi to Democratic House candidate Jon Ossof — gave Republicans a victory in a special election perceived by many as a referendum on Washington. Despite securing millions in contributions …

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