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What you were supposed to write, to get your email open?

If you are sending email to a potential employer, the most important thing that will make him open your mail I not the first nor the last sentence, but the title.

Think about it: The words that you put in the title are the first words he sees and the first chance to make someone open what you sent. Although it shouldn’t be some complicated sentence, it also doesn’t mean that it should be something very simple like for example ‘check’ or ‘hello from me’.

On this subject, we will share few advices from Brendan Greely, data scientist in the company for email productivity ‘Boomerang’.

Specific > Common

Ideal title is short and clear and shows the intention of the email, which will intrigue the person that was meant to read it. Titles like ‘I am interested for a job opening’ or ‘I am looking for an opportunity as an ‘engineer’ are not very good although they go straight to the point of your email.

Instead of that, try to personalize the title towards the company that you are sending to and the job that you are applying for, if there is any. If the email is a continuation of a previous conversation or another subject, make sure that you put that in the title.

Not very long, not very short

In a study from the company ‘Boomerang’ on the subject, which emails have the highest rate of replies, they discovered that the titles with just one or two words are the least replied, three to four words could be opened, and with certainty you can write a longer title.

If your title is between three and seven words, you are probably in a good position. If your title is longer than seven words, you are risking that even the title won’t be read and certainly not the email, says Greely.

You don’t have to be formal

If you are not sure what kind of writing style you should use in your email, Greely says to visit their web page or add, and let it tell you the style of the email. If we are talking about a startup company, informal style is preferred. If it is a big company, be more formal.

Also, try to avoid small letters

Yes, most of the time we use small letters when we send emails, but when you are looking for a job, try to use capital letter where necessary.

Don’t write your name in the title

Just because you already have your name in your email address, there is no need to include it in the title, you will be just repeating yourself.

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