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Stray Dog Barks and Barks, That’s When Voice He Hasn’t Heard in Twenty Months Calls His Name

We never forget a pet. Whether they’re long gone from childhood or a new best friend, they remain in our minds and our hearts always .

It brings about the question of whether or not that love and memory are reciprocated. Are our pets familiar with us, or do they recognize and love us for the individuals that we are?

Perhaps we’ve come a little closer to an answer, thanks to Gunner. Gunner was a temporary resident of the Animal Rescue League.

Located in Pittsburgh, the ARL has been working since 1909 to help animals in need. Sometimes this means finding them new homes, and other times the responsibility is to reunite family and pet.

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By all accounts, Gunner led a happy-go-lucky life with his family in Verona, Pennsylvania. One day though, Gunner and his brother slipped through a gate left open by a delivery person. His brother, Shooter, returned that day.

The family looked desperately for Gunner, but he was nowhere to be found. They did not give up though.

They searched the entire area multiple times over and requested help in every way that they could think of. For months, the family searched for him, and left food and blankets for him.

The prospects for bringing the family back together appeared to be slimming. After 20 MONTHS, one couldn’t fault the family for assuming that Gunner was gone. That was not necessarily the case.

During this entire time, reports had come in to the City of Pittsburgh Animal Care & Control concerning a stray dog. Agents would go out, leave him food, see nothing, or spot the dog but unsuccessfully capture it.

After months of trying, and some serious detective work, Animal Control and a helpful resident were able to capture this sly dog. They took him to ARL where, after a quick checkup, it was discovered that he had a microchip.

The microchip was read and the dog, you’re right, was Gunner! The family was immediately notified; one can only imagine their reaction to that call.

Plans to reunite were arranged, and the Family came to pick up their prodigal son. The reunion video is amazing.

Gunner sits in a room barking and barking until his owner, Joseph Karl, walks in the door. For a brief moment, it looks like the dog is wondering “is that really him?” when he starts to make up for 20 months of lost kisses.

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Source(s): YouTube, Animal Rescue League, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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