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State Employee Issues Horrifying Statement About Las Vegas Shooting… Fire Her Now

As Americans face the deadly attack in Las Vegas with shock and grief, some leftists seem intent on adding insult to injury.

A senior CBS executive has already been fired after declaring that she didn’t care if country music-loving Republicans were gunned down.

Now, other hateful voices are showing exactly what terrible people they are — including one conservative-hating teacher.

The social media news site Twitchy reported that a woman named Ann made a sickening post on Twitter shortly after the massacre in Vegas was announced on the news.

“Lots of white trump supporters in Las Vegas at route 21 watching Jason aldean,” the woman wrote. “Pray only trumptards die!”

Based on the profile information for the user, Ann is a teacher at an unknown school and is obsessed with attacking Donald Trump. Yes, these are apparently the twisted thoughts of someone who believes they know better than you how to educate America’s children.

The educator deleted her account after users called out her hateful words, but before more information about the woman could be discovered.

It would be bad enough if one person put humanity to shame by cheering — and praying — for innocent people to die. Sadly, countless others also joined in the hate-fest.

“It’s country music so they must be Trump supporters [so] it’s karma for Puerto Rico,” exclaimed another piece of work on Twitter.

All Trump supporters listen to country music, you see. What stereotyping?

Republicans magically sent a hurricane to Puerto Rico — never mind the broken infrastructure and incompetent Democrat-controlled local government on the island — and therefore wishing for civilians to be murdered is fair game.

The real outrage is that while liberals shriek about Donald Trump “dividing the country,” those on the left appear to be the ones actually shoving a wedge between Americans.

Every citizen should be able to come together in the wake of this incident. There will be a time to ask hard questions and discuss politics soon — but less than 24 hours after the attack, the focus should be on helping one another, not tearing each other apart.

It looks like some people will use anything to lash out at their fellow Americans… and that is a tragedy all by itself.

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