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Smart jacket from Google and Levi’s

With exceptions of activity trackers and smart watches, it is fair to admit that wearable technology is not very spread in the market today (nor it is searched for), but if you ask Google and Levi’s, that is all about to change very soon.

Both companies joined forces to create their first co-designed product – smart jacket. It will look identical to the Levi’s Commuter jacket, with this one being made from conductive material called ‘interactive denim’ and there is a bluetooth device attached to the sleeve.

In 2015 Google announced their plan to create this type of clothes (called Project Jacquard), and this jacket will be the first piece that will incorporate this technology.

What makes this jacket special i the small electric circuits embedded in the material, enabling on a small part of the sleeve – made od 15 conductive strands –  to be touch sensitive.

When it will connect to the small Bluetooth device which goes in to a specially designed pocket on the sleeve, touches and gestures which are detected from the interactive denim are transferred to the smartphone or any other connected device.

So for example, if you are listening to some music on your smartphone and you want to change the song, instead of taking your phone out of the pocket, all you need is a small move or a touch on the sleeve. Similar gestures can be used to adjust the volume of the sound, answering or rejecting calls, or interaction with a GPS app.

When the jacket starts selling, later this year, it will come with a special app that can adjust the specific functions for the five controlled gestures – ‘slide’, ‘forward’, ‘rewind’, ‘double tap’, ‘whole palm tap’ and ‘round motion’. The jacket can also notify the owner for any incoming calls with vibration, and it will be washable like any other jacket, you only need to take out the bluetooth device from the sleeve – the embedded tech won’t be damaged.

Бидејќи кондуктивните влакна се вметнати во материјалот со користење на стандардните индустриски разбои, тоа значи дека идната ваква технологија ќе биде многу лесно да се вметнува во облеките.

Because the conductive strands are embedded in the material by using the standard knitting technics, this kind of technology can be easily implemented in all clothing.

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