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Real Writer of “How to Kill Blacks” Book Exposed… Absolutely Sickening

Controversy briefly overcame a small community in Georgia this week after a local Black Lives Matter chapter posted a photo to Facebook depicting the reputed book cover of a disturbing manual titled, “101 ways to kill blacks in the Chatham County Jail.”

The book cover reportedly included a collage containing images of Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a homemade noose inside a jail cell and Mathew Ajibade, a black inmate who died inside the local jail two years ago.

Reportedly posted Tuesday to the Facebook page of Black Lives Matter Savannah, the photo included a caption claiming the book had been written by Sheriff Wilcher and contained the “top 10 methods that are time-tested for getting the job done,” according to an investigation by local station WTOC.

But it was all a lie, as has been almost everything ever claimed by BLM.

“Truth is, such a book has never been written, but it became clear that a post created by Black Lives Matter Savannah was hoping to convince people otherwise,” WTOC reported.

Moreover, BLM appeared to feel no remorse over it.

“Obviously, it’s a parody,” the local chapter’s administrator, Jomo Johnson, told WTOC Tuesday. “We want people to understand, we want to bring awareness to the issue.”

By Wednesday the post had been removed, but the anger and frustration felt by many still remained.

Did Johnson have a point about deaths inside Sheriff Wilcher’s jail, though? Absolutely not.

Four inmates died in his jail last year alone, but the sheriff made clear in statements earlier this year that three had succumbed to natural causes, while the fourth had committed suicide. He also assured reporters that policy and procedure changes were being made to better protect inmates from potential death, though he reiterated that it’s impossible to prevent every death.

“The thing about it is, when you’ve got 1,700 inmates and I’ve got 72 deputies watching them on a shift, it’s hard to watch each individual inmate and tell what he or she is going to do,” he said.

“You can’t predict when you (are) going to go and meet the Maker upstairs,” he added. “Our job is to make sure they’re taken care of to the best of our ability, get them to medical, let medical send them to the hospital and let the doctors take care of them.”

However, it’s certainly not impossible to be a quality human being who doesn’t smear others. The con artists in BLM might want to keep that in mind before they issue their next lie, which I’m sure they will any day now.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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