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PBS Does Poll on Confed Monuments … Horrified by What Americans Really Think

There has been a recently renewed vigor in the debate regarding whether monuments and statues commemorating the Confederacy have any business being in the public sphere, as some people find them offensive and others view them as historical relics.

While the left — with help from the media — would have you believe that virtually everybody in the country wants to see the Confederate statues taken down, or at least moved to a museum or some other site, a recent poll from Marist, NPR and PBS NewsHour and would seem to suggest otherwise.

The August 2017 Marist poll asked “Do you think statues honoring leaders of the Confederacy should: Remain as a historical symbol, Be removed because they are offensive, or are Unsure.”

Far from the impression that media has provided, 62 percent of adults think the statues should remain, while only 27 percent think they should be removed and 11 percent remained unsure on the topic.

Looking at the breakdown of the responses along ideological terms revealed that the bulk of those who want the statues removed came solely from the left, as both Republicans and Independents favored keeping the statues in place, by 86 percent and 61 percent, respectively.

Democrats, meanwhile, are fairly split on the subject, with 44 percent of Dems saying the statues should remain while 47 percent think they should be removed.

Digging deeper into those numbers, we find that among those who profess themselves to be “Liberal-Very Liberal,” 31 percent think the statues should remain and 57 percent think they should go. Self-professed “Moderates” favor the statues remaining 67-24 percent, and “Conservative-Very Conservative” favor keeping the monuments by 81-13 percent.

Perhaps even more interesting, and certainly not something you’ll see PBS investigating any further, is the fact that 44 percent of black respondents favored keeping the statues while only 40 percent wanted them removed and 16 percent were unsure. Whites and Latinos responded with near equal numbers, about two-thirds favoring keeping the statues and a quarter favoring their removal.

One last thing of interest to note is the methodology of the poll, which shows that the pollsters have continued their manipulative tricks from before the election, oversampling Democrat respondents as compared to Republican.

Indeed, of the 1,125 people Marist polled, 36 percent were Democrats, 37 percent claimed Independent, and only 26 percent identified as Republicans.

Given the overwhelming amount of Republican respondents who favored keeping the statues in the actual poll (86 percent), if an equal number of Republicans as Democrats had been polled, the overall number of those favoring keeping the statues in place would have been even higher than reported.

Keep these numbers in mind the next time you hear some breathless report from the liberal media regarding the purportedly widespread demand for these terrible, horrible, no-good hunks of metal and stone with no intrinsic or historical value be torn down and reduced to scrap.

Heartland America knows the real deal.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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