House Republicans Make Huge Move On Trump’s Tax Reform Plan


The U.S. House of Representatives successfully passed its 2018 budget resolution on Thursday without a single Democratic vote, according to The Hill. Republicans in the Senate will now have the opportunity to pass the tax reform legislation and give President Donald Trump the chance to sign it into law. The …

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A Disgusting Liberal Encourages Killing Trump Supporters


On Sunday night a mad shooter killed over 50 people at a Las Vegas country festival. More than 400 other people were wounded. The gunman shot the crowd of concert visitors at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, close to the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas. On Monday afternoon …

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Las Vegas Sheriff On Shooter: ‘He Had To Have Help’


Despite the initial assumption that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock acted alone on the night of the shooting, Clark Country Sheriff Joseph Lombardo on Wednesday said it is difficult to believe Paddock did not have help in planning his deadly mission. Lombardo disclosed that Wednesday that Paddock had rented a …

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Mattis Alters Rules Of Engagement In Afghanistan


In contrast to rules enacted under former President Barack Obama’s administration, Secretary of Defense James Mattis has altered the rules of engagement to give U.S. more discretion to defend themselves. In his testimony on Tuesday before the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Mattis said President Donald Trump gave him the …

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