Watch: Libs Asked To House Refugees Do A Complete 180


Liberal hypocrisy, which runs as deep as the Grand Canyon (if not even deeper), never fails to disappoint — especially when it comes to the issue of immigration and refugees. Consider, for instance, the hypocrisy of liberal French elitists who seem to support unlimited migration and want France to take …

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Rand Paul Just Asked Trump To Open Investigation into Obama


Former President Barack Obama ’s administration may have been involved in one of the biggest scandals since Watergate, if recent allegations are true. The Obama administration has already been accused of illegally revealing and “unmasking” Trump campaign members “collected” incidentally during surveillance of foreigners. At the center of that scandal …

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Hypocrites: The Top 10 Comey Memes Dems Wish They Had Never Posted


Following President Donald Trump’s surprise termination of James Comey as FBI director, citing his “unfair” treatment of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, among other things, Democrats have rushed to the defense of the embattled, and now former, lawman. If you notice a few Democrats wearing neck braces over the …

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