The Queen of England Is Still Inviting Trump


Shortly after he took office in January, President Donald Trump hosted U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, who offered an invitation in kind for Trump to visit Britain and meet with Queen Elizabeth sometime around October. However, following a heated feud between Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan regarding recent terror …

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Breaking: Comey Just Incriminated Himself in Hearing


Former FBI Director James Comey gave his highly anticipated testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday, and while he never delivered the death blow to Donald Trump’s presidency that liberals wanted so dearly, he very well could have implicated himself in a violation of the Espionage Act. According to the …

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5 Charts That Completely Demolishes The Climate Change Fraud

Climate Change

The Climate Change Cultists aren’t going to like these new peer-reviewed studies or charts. Of course, they will ignore them because they don’t actually care about real science. They only care about the bogus science that has been repeatedly debunked and proven to be intentionally falsified, because they are cultists. …

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