Iran Targets Star of David in Latest Satellite Pics


The United Nations was just presented with proof that Iran used the Star of David for missile target practice. According to Breitbart, the mid-range “Qiam” ballistic missile test used the symbol of the Jewish faith as a target in a December 2016 launch test. This just a few months after …

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Black Rep Says Citing Facts Is ‘White Privilege’


Rep. Cedric Richmond is furious. He simply can’t believe that anybody would use facts and statistics to compare the murder rate in his city of New Orleans to war-torn El Salvador. Why, such a comparison is … is racist! It’s White Privilege! In fact, the Louisiana congressman is so angry, …

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Elmo Tells Kids Just How Fun Refugees Are


Who would you trust to tell you about the refugee crisis in the Middle East and the possible dangers it poses for the West? A politician, perhaps? Experts? Academics? Well, how about Elmo? Sadly, that’s not some sort of joke. Thanks to the producers of Sesame Street, the little red …

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Bernie Deflects Questions About Being Under Investigation


When The Associated Press tried to question Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders this week about an FBI probe concerning his wife’s $10 million dollar bank loan, Sanders completely dodged the question. So much for the transparency he is always harping on about. Due to a complaint filed in early 2016 by …

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Obama Still Living Large off the Taxpayer’s Dollar


President Barack Obama has largely stayed out of the spotlight since he ended his two terms in office and turned the White House over to President Donald Trump — who has made it is mission to undo much of Obama’s legacy. While Obama has spoken out against Trump’s moves on …

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‘Assault’ Weapons Rule Rejected By California Agency


California leftists have been blocked from their efforts to expand the definition of “assault weapons ” and impose strict new rules. The state agency responsible for carrying out compliance – the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL)– blocked the proposed new rules on assault weapons by refusing to move forward …

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Actors in Hollywood Are Calling for All-out Civil War


Apparently, calling for Donald Trump’s assassination in Hollywood is so last week — literally. After Johnny Depp’s “joke” last week at the Glastonbury Arts Festival that it may be time for an actor to go all John Wilkes Booth and kill the president, another actor and director has decided he’s …

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