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Objects on your work desk can reveal what kind of person you are

We spend half of your day at work, so many of us feel like our working area is our personal space. Psychologists think that the look of your desk at work can reveal a lot of your personality. What are the objects that actually reveal your personality?

Colored stapler

You spend most of your time surfing the net and dreaming about making some kind of business from your social network profiles. All the time posting photos from your sunglasses with a cup of a morning coffee, that are previously well processed.

You are the main person for organizing office parties and you are sending emails for your colleagues’ birthdays. That is the reason why everyone loves you.

Notebook where you write everything you are supposed to do

Writing down your responsibilities in a notebook makes you very practical person. You like more traditional books than electronic, prefer cooking than eating in a restaurant and at work you prefer to dress up more professionally than trendy.

Other people are asking you for a recommendation of a good wine or a book. Someone even think that you are snobby, but you just know what you want.

Few dirty coffee cups


The drama for your starts early in the morning, no matter if it is a fight with your partner, naughty kids, passive-aggressive roommate, traffic… Until eight o’clock you already have been through a lot and will tell all of it in details to your sleepy colleagues.

On a brighter note, you are an expert in running the business while you are still sleepy. In your desk you always have an extra shirt or shoes. You also know the best places for after-work parties.

Pens in different colors

You are proud of all your social network profiles and you don’t understand why some of your colleagues are not following you. You are confident that it is their loss. You are expert in cooking healthy meals and you can make gluten free cookies and you tell everybody how you can make protein pancakes.

You are thinking about coloring your book shelves, because that would look cool.

One pen and nothing else

You hate your job and can’t wait to finish your work. During your lunch breaks you are sending applications for other jobs. Instead of working, you spend most of your time surfing the net.

You live one day at the time, and you find peace in yoga, meditating, coffee or inspiring quotes.

Picture from the cat

You are probably working in some social medium or marketing agency, where you can be weird and nobody will point a finger at you.

You like flashy jewelry and love when colleagues point at you. Nobody considers you a threat, so asking for a raise with a smile on your face is not a problem.

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