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Never Trumper Reveals the 1 Thing That Made Him Switch to Team Trump

Ever since President Donald Trump was sworn into office in January, the leftist media have suggested the president is a racist who is dividing the country.

In a viral video, however, a man claimed he used to think Trump was a racist, but said the media labeling people who support free speech as white supremacists pushed him toward supporting the president.

The video begins with the man explaining he is a 21-year-old from American Samoa. He said he was supposed speak at a free speech rally in San Francisco on Aug. 26, but the event was canceled amid disruption from the far-left group known as “antifa.”

“Where did our country ever get to this point,” he said, “where standing up for free speech makes you a racist, makes you a white supremacist? Where fighting for freedom makes you a neo-Nazi?”

“If standing up for my freedom, my rights, and for free speech is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.”

The man, visibly upset, explained that he used to hate Trump and his supporters. He indicated he has waited outside Trump rallies before in order to confront Trump supporters because he was convinced by the mainstream media Trump was a racist.

He said it started to bother him when the media would only take short segments of Trump’s long speeches and only use edited clips to make him look like bad.

“I believed that. I really believed that Trump was racist,” he said.

He said he attended a rally in Vancouver, Washington, assuming he would see Trump supporters carrying out violence, but he saw just the opposite.

It is unclear who he was referring to, but the man said he saw a Trump supporter promoting peace and unity at the event, and that it resonated with him. He said he attended a rally at Berkeley, California, on April 15, where Trump supporters welcomed him with open arms.

The video was posted on activist Mike Cernovich’s Facebook page Aug. 26. The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, shared more than 31,000 times, and has been liked by 12,000 people.

This video has sparked a big conversation exposing the trap by the media. Despite nonstop negative coverage and levying insults against the president on a daily basis, more and more people are realizing Trump is not the despicable villain they are portraying him to be.

Far-left groups like antifa openly call for violence against Trump supporters, and the mainstream media and Democrats remain silent. This man’s epiphany serves as a great reminder about how important it is to actively seek the truth, because the leftist media will never admit this.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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