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NASA and ESA have a plan to land on Europa in 2025

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) will join forces in a mission to Europa, one of Jupiter moons, as one of the best candidates where an alien life form could develop.

The proposed plan is called JEM (Joint Europa Mission), and the target is to reach the surface of the moon and look for bio signature of life.

The chances to find life on the moon increased after it was discovered that there is a vast ocean under the iced moon surface, and scientists believe that Europa has twice as much water as our planet.

The plan is JEM to begin in the mid-2020, and would last 5 and a half years. First 5 years would be the time necessary to reach Jupiter, and then little bit more to get to the moon.

After the spacecraft will reach the moons’ orbit, a probe will be launched that will explore the surface for 35 days, scanning its samples in a search for life. In the meantime, the craft that orbits the moon will pass 3 months in making different measures to discover the structure of the moon, focusing on the composition of the oceans. Then, the probe would land on the surface, sending data related to the atmosphere.

Europa is only the first target in the collaborative space research, because in the future it is possible to make joint missions to the other Jupiter satellites, as well as Saturns’.

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