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Mom Finds 12-Year-Old Daughter Crying, Horrified When She Sees What Liberal Educator Gave Her

When her 12-year-old daughter returned home from an Oklahoma school, a mother was concerned after finding her little girl distraught and in tears. However, as soon as the child confessed that she was crying because of what a sick liberal educator gave her, the enraged mother joined other outraged parents to demand answers from school officials.

After Mandy Callihan (left) asked her 12-year-old daughter why she was crying, the little girl’s shocking answer led her mother and many other outraged parents to demand answers from the school.

In just 8 years during the Barack Obama era, liberals managed to inject their twisted philosophy into the education system in a deliberate bid to indoctrinate young minds. One of the aspects that the Democratic Party championed was inclusivity for all walks of life, no matter how deviant or abnormal. While identity politics, unfortunately, summon a discussion in the political world, parents at an Oklahoma school were horrified to find that their preteens were being forced to participate in an incredibly debauched learning experience.

When Mandy Callihan heard her 12-year-old daughter crying about an assignment, she likely expected that the girl was struggling with some difficult answers. However, nothing could prepare her for what she discovered in her distraught daughter’s backpack. Callihan explained in a Facebook post that her young daughter was in tears after a liberal speaker, who is neither a teacher or nurse, had not only given middle school students a disturbingly graphic assignment on explicit sex position but was encouraging sexual behavior among 12-year-old classmates, The Blaze reports.

“I was appalled at what someone in our school system had deemed appropriate to talk to my child about. My TWELVE year old child (who still colors in coloring books). In a room where boys and girls are combined. With male instructors (or female, depending on the time of day, I guess) who are not teachers (or Nurses) in our school system,” Callihan wrote, infuriated that she was not made aware of the school’s plans to teach the students about masturbation and sex. They most certainly did NOT say, ‘Hey moms and dads we’re gonna be teaching your very young sons and daughters about masturbating by themselves (and mutual masturbation with partners), spend some time talking about oral sex, and anal sex,’” she said.

Callihan and countless other parents were shocked at the graphic nature of the homework and demanded answers from Jay Middle School only to find that the class was approved by the school board and that the principal refused to notify parents despite suggestions that he send home permission slips.

“The teacher said it was board approved. The school counselor said it was board approved. The school nurse said it was board approved. The Principal said ‘HE approved it and there was nothing wrong with it,’” Callihan wrote.

While the assignment prompts students to give graphic sexual responses and goes into great detail concerning alternative sexual positions, Callihan says that the most disturbing part came when a male educator gave students personal sexual advice.

Callihan said one of the male teachers allegedly told the male students in front of the rest of the class, “‘when [you] are going down on a girl, and it looks like cauliflower, you need to just get up out of there.’”

Callihan and other parents who commented on the post explained that they had no idea the mandatory sex education classes would contain such graphic descriptions. Many expressed outrage that the class, which used to consist of a strictly scientific approach, was conducted almost in secret.

“The teacher said it was board approved. The school counselor said it was board approved. The school nurse said it was board approved. The Principal said ‘HE approved it and there was nothing wrong with it,’” Callihan wrote. “We never saw a pamphlet. … so we didn’t have the opportunity to get her out of the class before it started. Signatures for permission were NOT required, but you could opt out (depending on who you talk too, because we got different answers on the permission part),” Callihan said.

Although the school maintains that they sent pamphlets explaining the nature of the course, Callihan and others said that no such information was ever sent to them. After numerous complaints, the school announced that the class had been canceled and that the speaker and materials are being investigated.

“[He said] the class has been pulled for now and is being investigated, but other than that he really didn’t know what we wanted from him,” Callihan told TheBlaze.“Even more, we were told that while the program was discontinued this school year, it ‘must continue to be taught in the coming years, as per state requirements.’ We were also told that ‘separating genders will no longer take place due to transgender laws,’” she added.

Callihan further explained that her 12-year-old daughter wasn’t the only one to express discomfort with what was being discussed in the class. She told The Blaze that her child received multiple notes from classmates thanking her for “getting the class stopped.” Apparently, many other students felt the same as Callihan’s daughter but were too afraid to speak up to their parents, possibly for fear that they would get into trouble for the graphic assignment.

While students around this age should arguably learn sex education, the speaker and materials took things too far. Even the reaction from these terrified students proves that the class delved too deep into a discussion meant to simply educate children on their bodies and not encourage them to engage in perverted discussions about explicit sexual acts.

As the left continues to push for the normalizing of lascivious and abnormal lifestyles, our children are the ultimate target to spread their depraved indoctrination.

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