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Melania Walks Tall, Stomps Critics As She Leaves Washington For Gulf Coast

First lady Melania Trump, who made liberal fashionistas froth when she wore stiletto heels on the way to her first tour of Hurricane Harvey-damaged Texas, seemed to disregard the criticism Saturday by doing it again.

Images of Melania Trump leaving rainy Washington, D.C. for a trip to Texas and Louisiana showed her wearing a pair of sandals with the trademark stiletto heels she has worn in her appearances all around the globe.

Many on Twitter read the gesture as the first lady’s response to her critics.

Although Melania Trump wore heels to Texas on her first visit to the state on Tuesday, she changed into sneakers when she and President Donald Trump arrived at their destination.

That led commentator Emily Jashinsky, writing for the Washington Examiner, to note that the tale of the first lady’s shoes was a story about media intolerance. Jashinsky took issue with a lengthy Washington Post critique that seemed to suggest that wearing high heels meant Melania Trump didn’t care about the people of Texas.

“If her second outfit, the one she actually wore in Texas, was acceptable … is the article’s true argument as trivial as a claim that first ladies traveling to disaster zones must be dressed practically during all segments of that trip? Holding up a pair of heels that Trump wore to board an airplane, not even the shoes she wore on the ground in Texas, as a symbol of her supposed detachment from suffering Americans betrays a powerful hunger to criticize her,” Jashinsky wrote.

Another commentator noted that the first lady was doing something her critics were not — showing support for Americans in the aftermath of a disaster.

“The reprimands and jokes that focused on Melania Trump’s shoes earlier this week were rather ironic. This woman didn’t have to go to Texas and meet with the victims, even once, but Melania will be there twice in one week. The people writing about her shoes were sitting in a cubical at work, or even at home in their pajamas as Melania made her way to Texas this week, and yet they still took the liberty of verbally ripping apart her footwear,” wrote Roz Zurko on Inquisitr.

“Donald Trump could have gone on this Texas venture alone, as he is the elected president. Melania wanted to go, she didn’t have to. So for all of you sitting in the wings looking at her footwear today and getting ready to bounce again, just remember there is a beautiful soul walking in that pair of nosebleed heels,” Zurko added.

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source: Western Journalism

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