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McDonald’s Worker ‘Breaks Rules’ after Telling Mom with Autistic Son There’s ‘No More Left’

Although there is a large spectrum of functioning for individuals with autism, there are common characteristics that lots of people with autism share. One particular characteristic is having a strong interest or even obsession with a certain object or idea.

Father and mother, of children with autism who have developed an attachment to a particular topic or object, know how difficult it is in the event there is a disruption to the child’s access to the object. For example, one teen with severe autism would only drink in one specific sippy glass model.

If the sippy cup had not been the particular model to which having been attached, he would completely stop drinking any liquids. For those who don’t have experience with autism, it may appear like a matter of “tough love” to help the child be a little more flexible.

Regrettably, it is not that easy. Even slight changes to routine can cause extreme emotional outbursts.

Bonnie Kandel took her child, Leif, to McDonald’s because he became fixated on the Teen Titans Content Meal toys. Leif, that has autism, would eagerly speak for weeks about how exactly much his friend loved the teenager Titans toy from McDonald’s.

After hearing his friend’s rave reviews about the toy, Leif was convinced that he also needed one. They eventually made the much-anticipated trip to McDonald’s specifically for this toy.

Leif excitedly looked at the for the which displayed the much-desired toys. Kandel ordered their meals only to realize that all Happy Food toys with this location were now Batman themed.

Her heart sank at the thought of how emaciated Leif would be. TQ, a McDonald’s employee, sympathetically listened as Kandel described the reason for their trip to the restaurant and why this could be especially difficult for Leif to leave without a Young Titans toy.

TQ visited the manager to get permission to open up the kiosk which shown the toys that Leif desperately wanted. The kiosks were not to be opened to distribute playthings in this manner, but finally the manager decided.


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