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Look: Stadiums Empty Across US As NFL Backlash Hits New Level

The NFL is making efforts to recover from the damage of the disrespectful protests by players during the national anthem and presentation of the American flag. But it appears to be too little, too late.

According to Breitbart, pictures have emerged on social media showing a plethora of empty seats at numerous NFL stadiums across the country during Week Six of the season, photographic evidence that at least some fans have stayed true to their vow of boycotting the politicized league.

To be sure, long games and high ticket prices can look to as well, as could poor team performance, but it is noteworthy that even decent teams having decent seasons thus far are experiencing what appears to be a drop in actual attendance, even if official numbers don’t particularly reflect that drop off.

Look at the following pictures taken at four different stadiums — Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston and New York — around kickoff time or after the game was already in progress, and notice the amount of empty seats in the stands.

TheStadiumBusiness reported in September that many teams are struggling to sell out their stadiums, and unsold tickets are being offered on the secondary market for half price, if not even less in some instances.

This at a time when the NFL — once held up as America’s favorite professional sports league — has seen it’s favorability rating virtually flip in the space of a month as the anthem protests increased in response to President Donald Trump calling them out, according to the Washington Examiner.

Indeed, a survey by the Winston Poll of the various major sports leagues revealed that the NFL enjoyed a 57-23 percent favorable to unfavorable rating in August, but by September those numbers had changed to 44-40 percent favorable to unfavorable, a rather significant shift.

Meanwhile, TV ratings are down on average this season and the owners are set to meet with league officials this week to try and figure out a way to stop their league’s slide into irrelevancy and somehow return fans to stadium seats. Good luck with that.

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