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Mark Levin Calls Mueller’s Investigation A ‘Coup’ Against Trump

Conservative talk radio host and author Mark Levin voiced his displeasure with special counsel Robert Mueller Thursday, saying that the Russia investigation being conducted by Mueller is a “coup” against President Donald Trump.

“This is a coup that should upset every American, Trump supporter or not,” Levin said.

Levin’s statement came the same day as reports that Mueller impaneled a 23-member grand jury to examine subpoenaed documents, listen to witness testimony and ultimately decide if criminal charges are warranted in the Russia investigation.

A spokesman for Mueller declined to confirm or deny the existence of the grand jury.

But Levin said that Mueller’s entire Russia investigation “has been abused” from its genesis.

“In this case, there was no underlying criminal matter at all,” Levin said, adding that “this was a counterintelligence investigation,” meaning a special counsel should not have been needed.

Levin said that leaks are already springing from the grand jury, citing reports that it was issuing subpoenas regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer to purportedly obtain opposition research about Hillary Clinton.

“Let me tell you what’s going on here: They want to drag Donald Jr. in front of a grand jury and everybody else who was in that meeting – all eight of them – and see if they can find any contradictions in their testimony,” Levin said. “And then, apart from that meeting and apart from anything that took place in that meeting – because nothing that took place was criminal – see if they can get somebody on a lie. Perjury.”

Levin said that the grand jury is attempting to charge Trump Jr., or others who attended the meeting, with a “process crime,” an offense that occurred during the investigation, not during Trump Jr.’s meeting.

The radio host also discussed reports which speculated on the possibility of high-ranking FBI officials testifying against the president.

Citing two senior law enforcement officials, Vox reported that following the May appointment of Mueller as special counsel, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told several top officials in the bureau that they should consider themselves possible witnesses in an obstruction of justice cast against Trump. McCabe’s colleagues said that he also considers himself a potential witness.

“What you are going to have is the potential for a powerful obstruction case,” one of the law enforcement officials said. “You are going to have the (former) FBI director testify, and then the acting director, the chief of staff to the FBI director, the FBI’s general counsel, and then others, one right after another. This has never been the word of Trump against what (James Comey) has had to say. This is more like the Federal Bureau of Investigation versus Donald Trump.”

“We’re leaking the investigators’ views of a potential criminal case in public to try and destroy the presidency,” Levin said in response to the report. “To try and build political support for … if the Democrats take the House, to impeach the president.”

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source: Western Journalism

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