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Hispanic Leader Who Backed Clinton Quits Trump ’s Diversity Council Over DACA Decision

A Hispanic member of President Donald Trump ’s Diversity Council who said Trump would be a “liar” if he phased out the Deferred Action to Childhood Arrivals program quit the council on Tuesday, as he had vowed to do.

Javier Palomarez, President and CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, offered his resignation moments after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration is ending DACA, while giving Congress six months to explore a legislative solution.

DACA allows the children of illegal immigrants to avoid deportation by securing work permits that can be good for up to two years.

Palomarez said he did everything he could to make Trump do what Palomarez wanted.

“I tried to work as hard as I could with this administration on this issue. And I continue to want to work with them on other issues like tax reform, like health care reform, and so many other important things, but I really don’t see the logic in doing what we’re doing right now. This didn’t have to happen,” he said.

On CNN Monday, Palomarez said, his focus was to have Trump do “the right thing by these 800,000 Dreamers who reside in this country.”

During the interview, CNN’s Jim Acosta cited comments from Trump about his affection for so-called Dreamers.

“In your view, if he gets rid of DACA, is he showing great heart and is he showing that he loves these kids?” Acosta asked.

“If he’s getting rid of DACA, he’s showing that he is a liar. He has said he’s going to try to protect the people in the DACA program, that he was focused on getting rid of criminals. We certainly support that piece of his thinking,” Palomarez replied.

“We’re dealing with a President that gave his word, that promised that he would take care of these 800,000 young people,” he said.

DACA was facing lawsuits that, many supporters and opponents have agreed, could have spelled an end to the program if the suits had gone to trial.

Palomarez and his group endorsed Hillary Clinton in last fall’s election.

“Donald Trump has run a campaign of divisiveness of hate-filled rhetoric that has torn people apart, torn this nation apart,” he said in endorsing Clinton. “He has proven himself to be unworthy and unfit for the highest office of this land.”

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source: Western Journalism

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