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Kimmel Tripped Up By A Dose Of Snark From Pat Sajak

After late night entertainer Jimmy Kimmel used his Monday show to attack gun rights and gun owners, conservative game show host Pat Sajak came up with a response that mocked those in Hollywood who take their self-imposed roles of being America’s moral lecturers too seriously.

Kimmel, who CNN proclaimed to be “America’s conscience,” launched a full-force offensive in favor of gun control one day after the Las Vegas shootings.

“I’ve been reading comments from people who say, ‘This is terrible but there’s nothing we can do about it.’ But I disagree with that intensely, because of course there’s something we can do about it,” he said, according to The Daily Wire.

“There are a lot of things we can do about it. But we don’t. Which is interesting, because when someone with a beard attacks us, we tap phones, we invoke travel bans, we build walls. We take every possible precaution to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he added.

“But when an American buys a gun and kills other Americans, then there’s nothing we can do about that,” he added. “And, uh, Second Amendment, I guess, our forefathers wanted us to have AK47s, I assume.”

The moralizing was a bit much for Sajak, who responded via Twitter on Wednesday with a comment that could fit any number of celebrities trying to tell Americans what to believe.

“OK, let me explain this again,” Sajak tweeted. “We’re celebs. We’re wiser & more empathetic than you. We are famous. Please take our opinions more seriously.”

Many agreed that Sajak, not Kimmel, hit the right note.

Others said that the celebrity moralizing was a bit much to swallow.

John S. Roberts, writing for Young Conservatives, said Kimmel crossed a line.

“Kimmel’s latest? Law-abiding gun owners ‘bear some responsibility’ for the Las Vegas massacre that left 59 dead,” he wrote.

“If there weren’t any guns in America, Paddock likely would’ve used some other weapon leaving victims equally exposed. Nobody pulled the trigger but Stephen Paddock. Bottom line. End of story,” he added. “When radical liberals attack, we conservatives have the right to defend ourselves thanks to that pesky ol’ Second Amendment.

“Enough with the BS now,” Roberts concluded. “You’re job is to entertain and you’re failing bigly.”

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source: Western Journalism

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