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Kid Who Mowed White House Lawn Gets Mown Down On Twitter By Haters

Eleven-year-old Frank Giaccio had a memorable Friday as he mowed the White House lawn. But a heart-warming story of a young entrepreneur is taking a turn for the worse.

After pictures of Frank and President Donald Trump emerged on the internet, the treatment of Frank’s deed turned negative on social media:

“I didn’t know that the white house advocates unpaid child labour.”

“Trump should have paid him!”

“This is child abuse. Shouldn’t he be in school? Ohh they’re bringing back fieldwork for the kiddies.”

“I fear for him if being Trump’s gardener is the height of his aspirations.”

“He should have been in school…mow on Saturdays. Now he will probably be a trumpette with his lack of education.”

“How is the White House paying an underage boy to work with power equipment that could hurt him? This is so fake”

But Frank had written a letter to Trump in the summer asking to mow the White House lawn for free, and Trump accepted.

The Fair Labor Standards Act says that a child under 14 years of age is allowed to work chore like jobs — lawn mowing included. The minimum wage is not required if it is not regular work, if the person does not make more than $1,900 in a year and works fewer than eight hours a week.

Many have supported Trump for granting Frank’s “honor” of mowing the lawn.

“He’s loving it. Remember, he volunteered!! What a great kid!!”

“Great way to show the young kids the value of working hard, regardless of the task.”

“I mowed lawns when I was much smaller/younger than him. lol He’s got a power mower, too! He’s alright. All American! Well done, Frank!”

“Yes it is. And Frank will value it, treasure it, his entire life. Can you imagine his bragging rights? Don’t Politicize Franks efforts.”

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source: Western Journalism

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