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Judge Judy Crushes Feminism on National TV, Then Unloads on Clinton Narrative

Judith Sheindlin — better known to millions of Americans as “ Judge Judy ” — doesn’t believe women have to be feminists in order to have successful careers, which is a much different theory from the one being spewed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and swaths of radical feminists.

During a recent interview with TMZ founder Harvey Levin in the premiere episode of his Fox News series “Objectified,” Levin asked Judge Judy if she considered herself to be a feminist.

“I don’t think so,” Sheindlin replied.

Sheindlin explained that she doesn’t believe her gender has hindered her career, but rather served as a tool to motivate her to achieve her goals.

“I knew that if, I felt that if I worked hard I could have both – I could have a family and, because that was important to me – and I could have a career,” she said.

When Levin asked Sheindlin her opinion about the role of women in marriage, the judge said she believes there are “core differences” between men and women. Seems like a pretty commonsense idea, but it’s a fact of life denied everyday by leftists.

Sheindlin said “one is a warrior by nature, the other is a nurturer,” adding that those gender roles haven’t changed for her.

While Sheindlin didn’t make any direct references to Clinton during her interview, her entire argument utterly destroyed Clinton’s favorite talking points about sexism and misogyny.

Clinton is currently on a promotional tour for her latest memoir, “What Happened,” in which she takes no responsibility for her election loss to Donald Trump.

Clinton continues to claim that men in the United States didn’t want to see a woman president. She has blamed sexism for her loss on countless occasions since November.

Instead of saying sexism played a big role in her election loss, Clinton should took a cue from Sheindlin’s philosophy in life: Hard work pays off.

While Clinton has done nothing but blame everything and everyone under the sun for her loss, strong women like Sheindlin have simply worked hard to achieve their goals rather than expect them to be given to her simply because she’s a woman (or a lifelong politician.)

Sheindlin summed it up perfectly, saying, “I don’t think in terms of sex when it comes to success.”

Now, there’s a real role model for women.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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