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Jack wouldn’t have survived if he laid on the board with Rose

James Cameron, the director of the legendary movie ‘Titanic’ is trying to put an end of a 20 year old debate, was there enough space for Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on the board that saved Rose (Kate Winslet) Life. This debate expanded as far as would the board can sustain the weight of two people.

  • I will never leave you Jack, says Rose in the final scene of the movie, and then lets him go and looks for help.

Over the years, fans say that he could be saved if only Rose was not so selfish. Still, according to the director, that is only rubbish.

In an interview for the website TheDailyBeast, when asked about that question he said that it’s how it was in the script, and then he explained why he would not survived.

– Let’s go back to this case and clear it up: You are Jack and you are in a water that is under zero degrees, so the brain is in a state of hypothermia. Scientists from ‘Mythbusters’ are asking from you to take off your life vest and hers, to swim to the board, to grab something solid that won’t sink and two minutes – with means that you are under water trying to take off your life vest, which will take you 5-10 minutes, so just while you are doing that, you are already dead. So, It won’t work. His best bet was to keep his upper body out of the water and hope that some life boat will come and get him out of the water before he dies, says James.

In that exact episode of “Mythbusters’, scientists together with James were working on the same case that he described to see if he would survive. Scientists think the exact opposite of James, that Jack would survived if he did that. Still, the director has the last say on the matter.

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