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Illegal Alien Taunts Family With Horrifying Court Room Statement After Raping Woman

While much of the country’s attention was focused on the astonishing acquittal of Kate Steinle’s killer in San Francisco, another illegal immigrant accused of horrendous crimes was being held accountable for them farther up the coast in Portland, Oregon.

According to the New York Post, a Mexican national with a criminal record and series of prior deportations and re-entries named Sergio Jose Martinez was sentenced to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple counts including assault, burglary, kidnapping, sexual abuse, sodomy, and rape.

He remained incredibly defiant and showed no remorse while receiving his sentence. During the sentencing hearing, throughout which Martinez was repeatedly spotted smirking and smiling, the brother of one of his victims stated: “Sergio, no sentencing is enough. I rather you rot in hell.”

Later, as Martinez was being led out of court, he returned the sentiment to the family and replied, “See all you guys in hell.”

According to KOIN, the 31-year-old Martinez was being sentenced for the violent assault of two women in two separate incidents on July 24.

In the first incident, Martinez broke into the home of a 65-year-old woman, assaulted her, forcibly raped her and then stole her cell phone, purse and car.

The victim managed to call the police from a neighbor’s home after her assailant fled. Law enforcement was then able to track the stolen phone and find the stolen car.

However, in the meantime, Martinez had launched another attack on another woman, this time in a parking garage. Despite Martinez having a knife, the woman put up a fight and drew attention from passers-by, which prompted Martinez to try and flee, only to be caught by police shortly afterward.

Martinez’ arrest record dated back to at least 2003, with more than a dozen arrests, and he reportedly served prison time in both Oregon and California over the years.

Incredibly, Martinez had been taken into custody at some point earlier in the year prior to the assaults, but was released by the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office in spite of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer being placed on Martinez — all due to the state’s sanctuary law.

KGW reported that Martinez had been deported by the U.S. government no less than 20 separate times, but had only received at least five probation violations for unauthorized re-entry into the country.

His most recent deportation occurred in November of 2016, and it is unclear when he re-entered the country after that date.

The man’s criminal record included prior convictions of burglary, battery, theft, and obstructing a police officer, and he was known to be an habitual abuser of methamphetamine.

The New York Post noted that the Multnomah County Sheriff seemed to sidestep his role in allowing the crimes in July to occur by virtue of his releasing Martinez, and even seemed to cast blame on the federal government for the illegal alien being in the country in the first place.

“He was released consistent with the orders of the court. No federal or state criminal warrants were present at the time he left our custody,” stated Sheriff Michael Reese, even as he admitted that Martinez “returned to commit additional crimes” after having been previously deported.

“It would help our community to understand how he was held accountable by federal authorities for multiple, illegal re-entries,” Reese added.

Well, sheriff, maybe if you had held onto the guy until ICE came along to pick him up, he might have been held accountable, especially under the current administration, as opposed to the prior collective. Then, two innocent women in your jurisdiction wouldn’t have been assaulted, one of them sexually.

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