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Hospital To Kill 10-Month-Old Baby Rather Than Let His Parents Send Him To The US For Treatment

Ten-month old Charlie Gard is dying. The beautiful little baby suffers from a rare genetic condition, and his parents were prepared to let the boy pass away quietly in a London hospital, where he has been cared for since he was born.

ut then they discovered an experimental treatment in the United States. It’s a slim chance, and the odds are it won’t help, but parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates wanted to try.

The hospital – the Ormond Street Hospital for Children – had already decided that young Charlie Gard should die. And they were going to do it.

Their government panel ruled that he should be taken off life support so he can “die with dignity.”

So when Chris and Connie raised $1.6 million to fund this last-ditch effort to save their son’s life, they thought they could take him to the States.

But the European Court, which apparently oversees whether or not people live or die over there, decided no – Charlie could not be taken out of the hospital. Instead, the hospital was ordered to kill the little boy.

It was a long legal battle that culminated with the European Court of Human Rights’ “final” decision that the baby’s life support will be switched off. The hospital is going to kill Charlie Gard.

Chris and Connie haven’t given up. They’re still fighting, begging, and pleading. They have a twitter hashtag “#charliesfight” and are trying to build up support to merely take care of their own child in the way they see fit: They want to try and save their son.

As The Blaze points out, this is a direct result of Europe’s “socialized medicine” and a lack of respect for human life and human dignity.

When the state runs the health care system, ultimately they are the ones who get to decide whose life is worth saving and whose isn’t. Call it “death panels” if you want, but by not letting little Charlie go with his parents to the United States for treatment, they are executing that little boy.

In Europe, the rights of the community outweigh an individual life. It’s just one life, they’ll say. The baby is suffering, they tell us. So we – the state – are going to assume parental rights and decide to kill this child because we know best when life should end for this little boy. Not God, not the parents.

This is a disgusting tragedy. I pray that these parents can still find a way to take care of little Charlie in the best way they see fit.

source: The Federalist Papers

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