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High School Bans God From Attending Game… So Here’s What 2 Teams Did

Due to a complaint about a high school reciting prayers over the loud speaker during last year’s football season, the school decided to ban the practice, opting instead for a “moment of silence.” However, two teams in Clay County, West Virginia ignored the ban completely. Talk about courage.

On Friday’s season opener, the Clay County and Braxton County high school teams did something unexpected in the wake of the school’s decision to institute a moment of silence to replace the previous prayer that opened the games. They gathered in the center of the field and knelt down.

The next thing they did had hearts melting all over the stadium. They bowed their heads and they prayed aloud.

According to WSAZ, the decision to replace the normal prayer with the moment of silence came after a politically correct dissenter approached the school board and asked that the prayer time be done away with.

“We had a request last year toward the end of football season to check into whether it [prayer] was taking place and, if so was it allowed?” Superintendent Joe Paxton told the outlet.

After the school checked into the request, they decided to ban the practice of reading a prayer aloud at the start of the high school football games due to “unconstitutionality.”

“This is a situation that is unfortunately out of our hands. The U.S. Supreme Court is the supreme law of the land,” Paxton reportedly said.

However, that did not stop both teams from completely ignoring the decision, and making sure that God was revered in the moments before their first game.

Even Clay County High School Principal Crystal Gibson said that she had planned to pray and that anyone who felt that they wanted to pray should do so to.

“If anyone wishes to pray, I by all means wish that they would,” Gibson said before the game.

And that is exactly what happened. The teams got together and prayed and many in the stadium joined in. Some students even wore shirts emblazoned with the phrase, “I’m gonna pray anyway.”

The liberal agenda continually seeks to remove God from every facet of our society. Christians across the nation should learn from these students who boldly took a stand and showed that God cannot be erased from our daily lives and traditions.

It is amazing not only to see that these students felt compelled to pray, but also that the school’s administration fully supported and joined in on the prayer as well.

It may not be able to be read over the loudspeaker, but the prayer was surely heard all throughout the stadium.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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