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Democrats Terrified About Clinton ’s Book Launch… Suggest She Leave the US

Hillary Clinton has officially come “out of the woods,” to use a favorite metaphor of hers to describe what she did after she was left at the altar by American voters last November. Her emergence from the arboreal thicket will finally be official next month, when her memoir of the least successful campaign since the Crystal Pepsi introduction.

The appropriately titled “What Happened” is causing a stir among Democrats — although, given Clinton’s lack of self-awareness on the subject, one guesses there might have been a missing question mark in there title.

And, according to Bloomberg writer Albert R. Hunt, it could give Democrats such bad agita that some are suggesting she leave the country.

So, what happened, according to Hillary?

“The gist of her message next month, based on her public statements and accounts of private conversations from people who’ve talked to her, will be: I accept the blame for what happened, but the bigger problems were Russian meddling, Comey’s on-again, off-again handling of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe of her private email server, the Democratic Party, and maybe even some of her own campaign staffers,” Hunt wrote in a piece published by Bloomberg on Aug. 15.

Even though Clinton acknowledges “tactical errors,” she also blames “misogyny” for the loss. That’s a problem, given that Democrats are eager to either get Hillary off of the stage or have her take more unconditional blame for her defeat.

According to Hunt, Democrats “prefer the approach taken by Al Gore after his equally controversial loss in 2000. Gore didn’t really criticize the administration of President George W. Bush for almost two years, even though he, like Clinton, won the popular vote while losing in the Electoral College. (Gore lost when the Supreme Court stopped a vote recount in Florida.) Gore went on to start a new career, winning a Nobel Prize for his work on climate change and starring in the Oscar-winning documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’

“Associates hoped Clinton would also find a way to make a different contribution, perhaps as a university president or foundation head,” Hunt continued. “There have even been suggestions that she move overseas for a couple of years.”

Now, I think we’ve seen what happens when Hillary is at the head of a foundation. Spoiler alert: it usually doesn’t end well for her or the Democrats.

However, her spending more time overseas? I’m OK with that.

The thing is that as much as the Democrats think that they’re going to do great in 2018 because President Trump’s poll numbers are low (you know, the same polls that predicted Hillary was going to coast to a massive Electoral College victory), it’s hard to make up much ground with the voters that they’ve lost when Hillary is out there constantly blaming her loss on sexism, James Comey’s perfidy, Boris and Natasha, Alex Jones, Donald Trump’s “creepiness,” Judge Crater, the Loch Ness Monster and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.

What they’re terrified of is the fact that Hillary is going to either refuse to take the blame for her own loss or keep herself in the spotlight. And their worst fears seem to be coming true with early reports on “What Happened.”

Hunt thinks the Democrats want her to move overseas. We think that this is a great idea. Perhaps she could go to that longtime friend of the Clinton Foundation, Saudi Arabia. I hear they’re very big on gender equality over there. I’m sure that will be a refreshing change for her after dealing with all that “misogyny” from American voters.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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