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De Blasio Considers Removal Of Columbus Statue In Manhattan

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is now considering the removal of a famous Christopher Columbus statue that had stood proudly since the late 19th century.

The statue, which was erected in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle, is currently under review by the city to determine whether or not it is a symbol of hate.

Columbus is revered for his leading role in the exploration of the Americas and is a symbol of pride for those of Italian heritage. In fact, the statue in Manhattan was gifted by a group of Italian Americans.

However, Columbus is often criticized over claims that he played a critical role in wiping out the continent’s native inhabitants, as well as actively participating in the slave trade.

“We have to look at everything here,” de Blasio said during Wednesday night’s Democratic mayor debate.

City council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was more upfront with her desire for the statue to come down.

“Christopher Columbus is a controversial figure to many of us particularly in the Caribbean and I think that that has to be looked at, when you have to look at history we have to look at it thoroughly and clearly,” she said Monday.

However, some New York Democrats think the removal of the statue will lead to more dangerous things — blurring the line between history and revisionism.

Sal Albanese, de Blasio’s Democratic rival for mayor, warned that the city was on a “slippery slope” if it continued down the path of tearing up statues.

“(De Blasio) said Confederate statues that were reminders of slavery and racism deserved to be banned, but, do we remove statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?” Albanese said.

The proposal comes after a 200-year-old Columbus statue was defaced in Baltimore on Monday.

A group calling themselves the “Popular Resistance,” uploaded a video to Youtube with footage of men in hoodies smashing the monument with a sledgehammer.

They claim their motive was to combat a “culture of white supremacy.”

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source: Western Journalism

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