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NASA and ESA have a plan to land on Europa in 2025


NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) will join forces in a mission to Europa, one of Jupiter moons, as one of the best candidates where an alien life form could develop. The proposed plan is called JEM (Joint Europa Mission), and the target is to reach the surface of the …

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We will transplant brains in 3 years


Judging by the enormous progress in medicine in the past few years, it is hard to believe that something is impossible. Artificial intelligence is diagnosing illness, people with implanted modern prosthetics are practically cyborgs, and great results are also achieved in the field of anti-aging. Despite all this, team of …

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Searching for life forms in the Earth mantle


There are many things about Earth waiting to be discovered – from the depth of the oceans, to the layers of rocks. Team of scientists from the Japanese agency of science and technology of oceans and Earth (JAMSTEC ) want to explore the Earth crust, for the first time drilling …

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Humanity has to evolve in order to colonize Mars


The curent NASA plans are sketched  in 2010, published in detail in 2015 and include sending people on Mars in 2030’s. In order to achieve that, NASA is cooperating with other agencies and private companies to develop the technology needed, including creating 3D printed structures on the moon, with the …

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Discovery of a otter fossil with a size of a wolf!


Researchers discovered remains from a giant otter in China, which assuming it was alive today, would be at a size of a wolf. The fossil belongs to new species of otter known as Siamogale melilutra, that lived in the sweet water lakes around 6 million years ago. Evidence of a …

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Can science create immortal human beings?


Inevitability of old age can be another biological theory which scientific achievements in the future might ‘retire’, because some scientists believe that longevity can change in our advantage. Although there are numerous theoretical ideas and initiatives for avoiding death, many of the strategies developing today can be put in one …

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