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Breaking: Trump Announces RINO Senators He’s Taking Down


President Donald Trump and the Republican party have never really gotten along. Trump was an outsider during his campaign, and he hasn’t been afraid to call out Republicans for not supporting his agenda. During his presidency, Trump and the Republicans have worked closely at times, but there have still been …

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ESPN’s tepid response to Jemele Hill speaks volumes

Whether your political leanings are to the far left, far right, or just about anything in-between, everyone can agree that hypocrisy has no place in the world of journalism. That’s why everyone should be able to agree that ESPN’s gross mishandling of employee Jemele Hill should be condemned. Hill, 41, …

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Bernie Sanders Refuses to Pay Money Owed From Campaign

Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to various cities who provided security services for him during his campaign, giving Americans a glimpse of a common problem with socialists. Sanders’ socialist beliefs are no secret. During his campaign, he avoided using the word that best describes his politics …

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