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Black Pastor Defends Trump Against Media’s Racism Insinuations

To hear the deceitful media tell it, President Donald Trump is an avid racist who’s purposefully been employing bigoted and pro-extremist rhetoric to gin up racial animosity in America — and who is personally responsible for the violent white supremacist rally that happened Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Yet anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty knows this is a blatant lie, including the Rev. Darrell Scott, a black pastor and member of the president’s diversity coalition. On Tuesday, Scott laid the blame for the recent uptick in racial animosity on the doorstep of the media.

Speaking with MSNBC host Katy Tur three days days after the rally in Virginia, where white supremacists duked it out with violent leftist thugs, and where one white supremacist plowed a car into a crowd of protesters, killing a young woman, Scott noted that the media has been deliberately drawing attention to the actions of extremists to try and hurt the president.

“Listen, we have Ku Klux Klan rallies for the last umpteen years in different American states every year that don’t get this attention,” he said. “They got this attention now because Trump is the president.”

Scott’s point — and it was a doozy — was that the media intentionally gave so much attention to the rally Saturday, practically advertising it beforehand, because they wanted to use it to enhance their skewed narrative about Trump being a racist.

Question: Was so much attention ever given in advance to the countless race-based rallies and protests that broke out during former President Barack Obama’s tenure? Did the liberal media pundits ever utter a peep about Black Lives Matter protesters chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops!“? Did they ever cover the legion of black supremacists ranting about killing white people?

Better yet, did they ever once harangue Obama about his refusal to distance himself from and condemn Black Lives Matter? The answer to all four questions is no.

Listen to the first part of Scott’s statement below:

“No matter how many times he denies being a racist, no matter how many times he denounces white supremacy, it’s never enough,” Scott said, referencing the president’s clear-cut condemnation of every thug who participated in Saturday’s rally. “You know full well he does not embrace Nazism.”

Scott also knows that many Americans, including white supremacists, believe otherwise because of the media’s false claims.

“The media has driven the narrative that Trump embraces white supremacy, so the white supremacists said, ‘well, if this candidate embraces us, we’re going to embrace him,’” Scott said. “But it’s not true.”

Listen to the second part of his statement below:

The sad truth of the matter, as hinted at by Pastor Scott, is that the media as it currently stands is a purveyor of pure lies, deception and even hatred.

It’s to the point now that I myself trust nothing the media say about our president, because no matter how much good he does, and no matter how hard he endeavors to unite this nation, the media will never stop trying to bring down his presidency. And that’s neither opinion nor conjecture; it’s an easily observable fact.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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