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Anchor Gets Schooled on Live TV After Blaming Harvey on Climate Change

For the past few days, a large part of Texas has been experiencing one of the worst natural disasters to occur in the United States in many years — and the threat of torrential rain and flooding from Hurricane Harvey still isn’t over with.

Rather than focus on the victims and the sheer devastation, one CNN anchor decided that this would be a good time to try to bring climate change into the discussion — except he got completely shut down by an expert who actually knows what he is talking about.

CNN anchor John Berman was a discussing on Friday the fact that Hurricane Harvey has dumped more rain on Texas than is usual for a hurricane, and asked Bill Read, the former director of the National Hurricane Center, if climate change had anything to do with it.

“Is there a why to this? Why there is so much water associated with this storm?” asked Berman. “One thing we heard from scientists over the last 10 years is that climate change does impact the intensity of many of the storms that we see.”

I guess Berman hasn’t been paying attention very much because over the past 10 years the United States has actually had very few major hurricanes come ashore.

“I’m not — I’m probably wouldn’t attribute what we’re looking at here. This is not an uncommon occurrence to see storms grow and intensify rapidly in the western Gulf of Mexico,” Reed replied.

Hurricanes need warm water to grow. The Gulf of Mexico has warm water due to being located near the equator. That’s a very simple equation — one that Berman is apparently incapable of doing.

“That’s as long as we’ve been tracking them, that has occurred. The why for the big rain is the stationarity. That fact that the storm is going to come inland and not move … while it has happened in some cases, to have a really big storm come and stall like this is really rare,” he stated.

Yes, Harvey is causing flooding that is being described as a “once every 500 years” event, but that doesn’t mean that climate change is responsible for it.

Occasionally, we just get unlucky and the perfect combination of factors occurs in nature to create a devastating storm like Harvey. These sorts of storms have happened before, and they will happen again. That’s just a fact of life.

Maybe Berman should leave the science to the scientists and just talk about the things that matter — like how people can pitch in to help Texans rebuild once the rain has stopped.

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source: Conservative Tribune

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